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They say that addiction is a "Family Disease" and it's no wonder when looking at the impact of a loved one on those who care about them. When living with someone who is suffering from an addiction, it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling hopeless and powerless. Intervention is a process that allows the family and friends of someone suffering from addictions to speak their peace, gain support for each other, and take action toward helping their loved one. 

An Interventionist can:

- Help facilitate the intervention process

- Provide resources for the family and friends of the addicted person

- Enable those close to an addicted person to develop a support network

- Meet with the family in our offices to help develop personal statements

- Review the statements prior to, and role-play the intervention

- Find treatment for your loved one

- Schedule intervention at your convenience

- Provide family debriefing after the intervention

- Provide additional services to friends and family as needed

Interventionist services are private pay however outpatient, individual, and family counseling may be covered by insurance
If you feel that someone you care about is suffering from addictions, please reach out. Help is available!
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