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Building bridges of hope and healing through therapeutic relationship.


Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are offered for adult patients whose substance dependency symptoms are impeding their ability to function interpersonally and professionally, but do not require the intensity of partial hospitaliztion level of care.


Providing a structured program where individuals are given education/support/coping mechanisms to help them manage sobriety in the community with their existing support system (i.e. work, family and friends).  All individuals deserve the right to treatment that is humane and treats them with dignity.


All counseling and IOP groups are run by Licensed Clinicians.  Your Intervention tem will include a Licensed Clinician as well as a Recovery Specialist that works the recovery field in a treatment facility and/or is Certified as an Addictions Counselor.  Both members of the team will work toward supporting your family and finding a treatment facility for your loved one.

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