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Building bridges of hope and healing through therapeutic relationship.


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It is my deepest desire to be walking down the street, side by side with my husband looking like this couple to my left! How about you?  I would love to have a talk with this couple and find out about their story and learn a thing or two about the extra-ordinary journey of a long-term, happy marriage.

If you are married and you are struggling with all the challenges of life to make your marriage work in this fast paced world, struggling with communication, co-parenting or intimacy, then this is the counseling format for you.  Highly interactive, you will gain practical insight, tried and true suggestions and wisdom-bits gleaned from interviews, research and 28+ years of personal experience as a wife and mother of 3 young adult children.

The counseling is geared toward making your already safe* relationship a partnership that not only works, but is rewarding and is a blessing to you and those around you. 

If you want to work on your marriage and your spouse is skeptical or unwilling to come in for an appointment, don't let that stop you from coming in for help. When it comes to making your marriage work, often times when one individual does their own therapy and begins making changes for the better for themselves, that often leads to improved relational functioning for the whole. 

* If you find you are not in a safe relationship, please don't wait for an appointment. Call one of the listings below or go to to get immediate support.

Women's Place Crisis Center, Brockton, MA  800-323-4673

New Hope, Attleboro, MA  508-226-4015 

I recommend that all couples watch this video. It is comical... and true. I find that this video makes a wonderful platform to start a conversation about the differences between how men and women communicate. This conversation will be an important touch stone as you move forward in working on the problems in your marriage.