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Christian counseling is a specialty, recognized by the insurance companies that we work with.  

Our counselors believe that when faith of any sort is present in a person's belief system and meaning making about life, it becomes integral in healing, resiliency and ability to overcome the many challenges that present themselves in life. Many denominations are represented in our practice, including Catholic, Congregational and Non-Denominational. We offer the Christian client an opportunity to bring their faith into the counseling room and share concerns in the context of their faith life.  

The counseling strategies utilized in this practice are the same for Christians and non-Christians alike. The difference for clients that ask to be paired with a counselor adept at working within the framework of Christian meaning making,  is that the goal directed conversations to get back to a healthy place: emotionally, mentally, behaviorally and spiritually are in line with Christian beliefs.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and speak about your particular concerns.

Christian counseling, while faith based, is transmitted through our ability to apply psychology and build healing relationships. We have at least two counselors adept at Christian Counseling in each of our locations.