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We hire counselors that are looking to be part of a community of providers that seek excellence in their professional work as well as encouragement to continue professional growth. We offer a generous Fee For Service compensation, annual CEU's, flexible schedules with a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week. Elevate handles payroll and taxes and has two offices that are easily accessible and conveniently located: Rte. 106 in So. Easton, MA and Cranberry Highway in Wareham, MA. There is room for professional growth and increased responsibility as well as monetary recognition through demonstration of noteworthy accomplishments with in and outside of the practice and for outstanding productivity and client satisfaction.  We offer paid opportunities for team presentations and supervision as well as pay for face to face marketing and networking projects. To be eligible for employment at Elevate, clinicians must indicate a minimum of one area of  expertise with a 'special population' i.e. (couples, young children, trauma, eating d/o, etc.). Send your resume to Leigh-Ann with a cover letter for consideration. leigh-ann@elevate-counseling.com

Recovery Specialists 

We are looking for LADAC professionals who are interested in contracting as part of our Interventions program that will be launching in 2018.  These are per diem contractor positions that will ideally grow into opportunities for employment as recovery coaches and co-facilitators in our IOP program.  A minimum of 3 years clean and sober is required for this position as well as certification and demonstration of knowledge of the 12 step recovery process.  

Administrative Health Services Internships

College students that are considering going into health services administration are encouraged to apply for a practicum with Elevate Counseling Services. All applicants must be working toward a degree or certificate program in Health Services Administration or Medical Assisting.  Please send a resume to leigh-ann@elevate-counseling.com.  


Elevate counseling services does not currently have a prescriber on staff. However, to meet the growing needs of our community that we serve, we are seeking to add this service to our clients.  Please contact Leigh-Ann if you are interested in joining our team and leading the implementation of our program.  Or, if you are interested in running your own business and looking for a "home base" in South Easton. Applicants must have experience working in an Agency or Group Practice setting and have been board licensed for a minimum of 5 years.